What is aof.gg?

aof stands for "Analyze Or Feed". We believe that the key to success is analyzing your and your opponents behaviour. With our advanced search, you can find exactly the matchup you would like to improve and watch the replays. You can also watch all your past games and find out where you could improve.

What exactly do you do?

We are constantly tracking your summoner name until you join a game. At that point we will start recording the replay. After finishing the game, you can download the replay files from our website.

Is it free?


What do I need to do?

Simply sign up and add your accounts. That’s it! We will record all games of you automatically! (You need to verify each LoL account by renaming a mastery page).

Do you only record registered players?

No, we also record games of all challenger and master players.

How does aof.gg compare to other LoL websites?

On op.gg you have to manually start recording your game every time you play. We do it automatically.

On replay.gg you can only search for replays by summoner name. We offer an advanced search that lets you search for specific matchups.
We also provide the full replay file for you to download. This means you need our client on your computer to be able to watch it. The big advantage is that it also works when our website is down or after we delete a replay. You can save your replays and maybe watch them again later when Riot releases their official replay system (soon™).

To record replays with LoLReplay or BaronReplay, their client needs to be running when you play. Our website records your games automatically.

Can I record games of my smurfs?

Yes, you can add as many LoL accounts as you want. You just need to verify them by renaming a mastery page.

Can I record games of a friend?

Currently, you can only record your own games.

Will only I get access to my games?

No, all replay files are available to everyone.

How long are replays available?

Replays will be available for about 1 month.

My replay is not available or incomplete. Can you add / fix it later?

No. Sadly, replay files are only available for a couple of minutes while the games are being played. If we don’t have your replay it is most likely because there was a problem with our service or the Riot API. There is no way to recover old replays.

What platforms do you support?

We support Mac and Windows.

What is an „aof" file and what do I do with it?

The „aof“ file combines the replay files and some additional information about the players inside the game. You need to download our client to open that file.

Do I need your client to play replays?

No. You can watch a replay from our website simply by copy and pasting the code into the command line or starting the batch file.
However, downloading and watching the games with our replay client gives you full control over your data. With our client, you can select a different LoL client, which lets you watch replays from an older patch. This is not (easily) possible using the codes from our website. Another advantage is that you are not dependant on our servers if you download the replay. You can keep it for as long as you want and it also works when we delete it online or our servers are down.

Replays are not playing!

  • Nothing happens
    After installing League of Legends or a new patch, you need to play or spectate at least one game. It’s enough to just enter a custom game and leave again immediately.

  • Black Screen
    If there is a black screen with no message, it usually means that you tried to play a replay from a patch that does not match your client version. Please try to watch a replay from the most recent patch (or update your client).

  • Bugsplat
    Getting a bugsplat usually means that there is something wrong with your client. Please repair or reinstall your client and try again (make sure to play at least one game after reinstalling).

  • Cannot connect to server
    It is possible that your League of Legends client cannot connect to our server. This could be because our server is down or because of your firewall. Please try to download the full replay and play it with our replay client.

How can I support you guys?

Our website is still young, so it would be awesome if you told all your friends about it!

Our replay client is open source, so feel free to contribute!

And if you have any ideas on how to improve our website, please let us know, we would love to hear about it :).

How can I contact you?

You can reach us via Twitter or Facebook.

For support, the best way would be to either create a support ticket or write an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out!